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What we do

We're a
market research

We provide a range of methods and products to meet any client challenge and make life easier along the way. 

Our products are designed to take clients through the insight process in an agile fashion, and ensure the outputs really create action.

We work across consumer, donor and business-to-business audiences, both nationally and internationally.

Diversity and inclusion are a core principle of our market research practices and we regularly review our recruitment methods, sampling strategies, and survey design to ensure they continue to be inclusive and representative of diverse perspective.

Our Services



Our digital tools, streamlined processes and in-house panels make listening to audiences as simple as can be.

  • Agile qual​
  • Semiotics & cultural analysis​
  • Online/mobile quant​
  • Supporter panels​
  • Ethnography​
  • Third Thursday omnibus



We help clients co-create ambitious new solutions with customers in real-time.

  • Online & IRL co-creation​
  • Creative pre-testing



Our experienced team integrate research with client goals, ensure evidence is digestible and align teams around key insights.

  • Embedding insight​
  • ‘In a nutshell’ debriefs​
  • Video highlights​
  • Workshopping implications/solutions​
  • Insight training


"The Bi team have been practical, helpful, proactive and very responsive."

Sylvia Lowe

Director of Brand and Marketing
The Prince's Trust

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