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About us

We’re marketers working in research, not researchers working in marketing

We have a simple belief; beautiful outcomes will be achieved by finding the insight that creates maximum energy and action.  Our senior team have had successful marketing careers prior to working in research and know exactly which insights will really make the difference, and what they mean for your organisation.

Our Values

Values we live by


Be useful

  • Don’t be too clever – a beautiful insight goes a long way
  • Don’t just tell clients the facts, tell them what they mean


Be a partner

  • Two ears, one mouth
  • Focus on what clients need, not what
they want
  • Do the right thing, and do what you say you’ll do


Be great

  • Brilliant service, with a smile
  • Be ambitious, for yourself and for clients
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes


"I felt like I was working with a part 
of our team. Collaboration at its peak!"

Sam Butler

Head of Public Fundraising
Starlight Children's Foundation

Industry Collaborations

Founding members, Brand Uni Collective, helping universities create culturally relevant brands.

Staff at Beautiful Insights are members of the Market Research Society.

Co-founders of the insight training programme, NerdFest

Staff at Beautiful Insights are members of the Association of Qualitative Researchers.

Our Team

Paul Seabrook

Founder, CEO & Quantitative Lead

Steven Dodds

Managing Director & Quantitative Lead

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