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We make listening to audiences easier.

Your audiences are changing, and it’s rarely been more important to stay close to them. We’ve stripped the complexity out of market research to focus on actionable evidence, so say goodbye to lengthy methodologies and death-by-Power-Point and hello to agile, digitally enabled insight to move you forward.

Paul Seabrook

Founder, CEO and Quantitative Lead

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We're marketers working in research, not researchers working in marketing.

Image by Leukaemia UK

Leukaemia UK

“Excellent quality analysis for our budget, with a lot of breadth and detail that can be used for the long term.  Thank you! ”

Lizzie Afonso

Director of Communications
Leukaemia UK

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Testing
  • Fundraising Proposition
  • Legacy Marketing
  • Semiotic Analysis

Image by Starlight


“I felt like I was working with a part of our team. Collaboration at its peak!”

Sam Butler

Head of Public Fundraising
Starlight Children's Foundation

  • Audience Insight
  • Supporter Journeys
  • Supporter Segmentation

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Fundraising in a perma-crisis: the view from supporters:

Steven Dodds

Managing Director & Qualitative Lead


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